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How to Respectfully Modernise Your Period Home

Respecting the historical charm of your period home while embracing modern practicalities is an art that requires thoughtful consideration and planning. As you update your space, it’s crucial to maintain the integrity of original features while incorporating contemporary design elements. By blending vintage elegance with modern functionality, you can create a harmonious and stylish home that honours the past while still embracing the new.

Wainscotting living room with brown leather sofa

Balance Respect and Practicality

Finding the balance between respecting the history of your period home by accenting its gorgeous original features and still incorporating necessary modern elements can be difficult. Keep your love for your period home, and all its unique beauty, at the forefront of your design choices. This way, you know any decision is made with respect and appreciation for your home’s history.

For many homeowners, modern adjustments are made for practical reasons, such as opening up a space or increasing energy efficiency.When making these changes, try your best to stay in keeping with the original features as much as possible. This can be done by sourcing vintage replacements or researching new additions that will fit in seamlessly.

Preserve Its Unique Features

With a period property, it is important to prioritise restoring and preserving the unique original features that your home is blessed with. By giving these features the love and attention they deserve, you’ll enhance the charm and personality of your house, ensuring it stays beautiful for many more years to come. Some incredible period features that can be restored include:

  • Original Flooring: If your home comes with original wood or tile flooring then you’re incredibly lucky. Restoring this flooring is relatively beginner-friendly and adds unique elegance that no modern alternative can beat.
  • Fireplaces: Vintage fireplaces create stunning focal points in a room, especially when they come with ornate detailing or beautiful tiling. Whether you want to use it practically for heating your space or keep it decorative, restoring a period fireplace is a worthwhile undertaking.
  • Radiators: Restored radiators combine vintage charm with practical efficiency, which is everything you want when modernising a period property.
  • Doors: Many people overlook the difference restoring original doors makes, but they can transform a house. Putting in the effort to strip down old paint, restain the wood, and polish up any detailing will help to complete your home.
Victorian hallway with charcoal column radiator and mosaic tiliing

Blend the Old and the New

Blending the old and new when modernising your period property doesn’t need to be daunting; it can be an exciting undertaking that sparks your creativity. Embrace the unique charm of original features while introducing contemporary elements that reflect your taste and lifestyle. By thoughtfully combining vintage details with modern conveniences, you can create a harmonious space that honours the past and welcomes the future. This process allows you to reimagine your home’s potential, making it both functional and stylish while preserving its historical beauty.

Colour Palette

When choosing a colour palette for your space, research popular colour schemes from your home’s original era to complement its architecture. Use these colours as a starting point, then incorporate your personal style and decor preferences to create a cohesive yet unique look.


Styling vintage and modern furniture together allows you to enhance your home’s original design elements while still incorporating your tastes. Use colour coordination to tie the styles together, honouring the home’s history and creating a cohesive, personalised space.

Rework What You Can’t Use

If there are run-down elements of your home that can’t be restored, try upcycling them into something else. For example, if you need to replace the cupboards in your vintage kitchen, try using the wood to make something useful like a bench or coat hanger. This way you are recycling and keeping the history of the home infused throughout.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is crucial when modernising a period property. Upgrading with era-appropriate finishings ensures the space remains cohesive and well-designed. Elements like light fixtures, hardware, and mouldings should reflect the home’s original character while providing modern functionality. Finishing touches like incorporating stair rods, such as these Premier Runner Rods, on your staircase make your home look chic and intentionally styled.

Premier runner rods wit patterned runner carpet

By carefully selecting these details, you preserve the historical integrity and charm of your home, seamlessly blending old and new. This thoughtful approach creates a harmoniously designed space that honours the past while embracing contemporary needs and personal style.

Explore Period Appropriate Finishings

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