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Simple to install

Simple to install

There is no point buying a fantastic product, which is manufactured in the UK, in great quality materials, if you cannot install it.

The teams that manufacture our products are constantly talking with the flooring trade to make sure they are inventing products to make your and their lives easier. Although you may choose, and many do, to get your carpet fitter to fit your stair rods or door thresholds most, are very easy for you to install yourself.

We have all the user guides you need and some links to videos to make the installation as simple as possible.

Although some of the Premier trim door threshold will need to be fitted as you fit your carpet, and therefore your fitter will be pleased you have bought from Stair rods direct. Some, including our Posh and Joint ranges can be retro fitted by a competent DIYer. So you don't even need to be having new carpets or wood floors to add a new quality look to a room.

If you are looking to match your products then there is no need to worry, most of the stair rods and door thresholds come in the same finishes so you can complete the look you are after.

For those who would prefer to choose a fitter you can use the link to find one close to you.

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