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Our Top Tips to Restore the Original Features of Your Period Home

Many homes come with beautiful, original period features that need some love and care to be restored to their former glory. But it can seem intimidating to approach this restoration, as well as figuring out how to style them.

Our stylists will help you approach restoring and decorating these features in a way that accents their charm while still letting you express your interior design personality. With these tips, we’ll guide you through the process of reviving the old while still embracing the new.

Finding a Fireplace

One of the most beautiful statement features you can have in a period home is a fireplace. Whether functional or decorative, they pull a room towards a gorgeous focal point and add the spark of personality you want from a period home.

Victorian fireplace with wooden surrounds

How to Spot a Hidden Fireplace

As central heating became more popular, many people tragically bricked up or hid away their unused fireplaces. This means that many period homes could potentially have a secret fireplace waiting to be rediscovered. To investigate if you might be one of these lucky people, first see if your home has a chimney and explore where it would lead. It’s recommended that you get in touch with a professional for their advice before you start knocking any walls down though.

Restoring a Fireplace

Depending on the era your fireplace originates from, there are many different styles and designs it could have. Whether it has stunning vintage tiling or ornate metal detailing, it’s important to keep as many of the original elements as possible. Where there is significant damage, try to find in-keeping modern elements to bring it back to life.

Styling Tips

When it comes to styling a period fireplace, consider how you can accent its vintage charm while still incorporating your personality. We would recommend finding a rug that pulls out elements from the fireplace, such as colours from any tiling, to create a cohesively styled area. You can then play around with details such as artwork, photo frames, and plants to add a unique, modern touch.


Whether there’s elegant Victorian tile on your hallway floor or bold, colourful tiles from the 70s in your kitchen, having vintage tiling in your home is an incredible find.

Original avocado kitchen tiles

Reviving Tiling

If your tiles need a bit of love to bring them back to their former elegance, this is easily done. First give them a good clean, including brushing up any grouting. If there are any broken or missing pieces, try to see if you can find similar ones to replace them or look for contrasting accenting tiles to add even more personality to the space. Finally, add a layer of sealant to preserve them for many years to come.

How to Style Tile

Tiles can add a great deal of charm to a space. Consider colour and texture first – try pulling out any colours in the tile and incorporating them into your decor. For bigger furniture pieces, wood always pairs beautifully for an interesting texture contrast. With smaller decor, the best options can really depend on the room you’re styling, so let your creative intuition lead the way!

Unearthing Wooden Floors

Original wood flooring is a dream feature in any period home as the natural grain patterns, rich tones, and timeless aesthetic, create a warm and inviting atmosphere that you just can’t get from cheaper, modern flooring. So, it’s always worth checking under your carpets to see what beauty might be hidden beneath.

Renewing Your Wood Flooring

If your wooden flooring needs some TLC, restoring them is relatively beginner-friendly. Sand them down to remove any marks and previous varnish. Then choose a wood stain that complements your home and apply as many coats as you need until it reaches the colour you’re happy with. Finally, seal it so it stays protected for years to come.

Style Advice

Styling rugs on wooden floors enhances their natural beauty while adding warmth and comfort. Rugs are a great way to incorporate your own style and add personality to a home. If you want to get creative, try layering rugs together for an eclectic but well-designed look.


Original staircases and bannisters are stunning architectural features, especially when made from original wood. Many even have hand-carved detailing, showcasing the craftsmanship and unique charm period homes offer. Often overlooked as focal points, well-preserved staircases can significantly enhance a home’s elegance.

As with wooden floors, they can be refinished through sanding, staining, and sealing, restoring them to their original beauty. Investing time in reviving these features can transform a functional element into a striking centrepiece, elevating the entire space.

Styling Your Staircase

Styling carpet runners and stair rods on original staircases infuses period charm while reflecting your own style. Enhance your runner with stylish stair rods for a thoughtfully designed staircase, seamlessly blending historical elegance with chic interior design – as can be seen with our classic Tudor Runner Rods.

Tudor Runner Rods (for carpet runner)

Don’t Forget the Details

The details of a period home are what ties it all together, making it truly unique. Original features like panelling and ornate skirting add charm and character. Preserving and highlighting these features enhances the home’s timeless elegance. Even details such as door thresholds make a big difference. If you need to buy new finishes, it is important to choose ones that remain in keeping with the period style, like these Antique Brass Door Thresholds.

Door bar antique brass cover for laminate to carpet

Find Period Appropriate Finishes For Your Home

When you are searching for new finishes for your period home, at Stair Rods Direct, we offer a wide selection of stair rods and door thresholds that will remain in keeping with the charming original details of your space. Enjoy free UK delivery on all orders over £75.