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Six Stunning Staircase Spindle Ideas to Enhance Your Stairwell

Wooden stairs in a wooden house. Architecture and design.

Do you feel like your staircase is in need of an update? Your staircase is usually one of the first things anyone entering your home will see, so you want to impress straight off the bat. The way you finish off your staircase can set the tone for the rest of your home, so you want to get it right. Well, a new set of staircase spindles might be the way to do it.

We’re experts on all things stairs and stair accessories and are always committed to helping anyone with interior design and decorating tips. We believe that you deserve to live in a beautiful home that you’re proud of, so read our guide on staircase spindles and our bannister spindle ideas to get inspired.

What Are Staircase Spindles?

Spindles are a part of the balustrade, which encompasses the base rail, handrail, newel posts and spindles of the staircase. Spindles, or balusters as they are also known, are the set of vertical posts that go between the base rail and handrail of a staircase. 

They can be the most decorative part of a staircase and a chance to really show off some stylish interior design. You’d be surprised at just how transformative a set of new staircase spindles can be.

Ideas For Staircase Spindles

Natural ash tree wooden stairs with railings.

We’ve prepared some creative ideas for staircase spindles that are suitable for a range of homes and interior design styles and that can really enhance your home décor:

  1. Iron Spindles

Metal spindles are very hard-wearing and require minimal maintenance, while also providing a versatile range of designs. There is a range of iron spindle staircase ideas you can employ that work well with a wood railing or with other metal bannisters. Wrought iron can give a real traditional and ornate look to your staircase, especially when paired with our Victorian stair clips for your stair carpet runners. 

  1. Oak Spindles

An oak staircase is ideal for anyone wanting to do some low-cost redecorating as they’re very easily customisable. A simple but effective way to update an oak staircase is to paint the spindles and newel post in a colour that matches your wall while painting the steps a different colour. Adding a stair runner to an oak staircase is a wonderful way to incorporate beautiful soft textures into solid oak staircases. If you need more inspiration on how to update an oak staircase, read our guide here.

  1. More Ideas for Painting Staircase Spindles

Painting your spindles or your staircase, in general, is the best way to update the area if you don’t have the budget or time to fully replace your spindles. Bear in mind if you’re painting a wood balustrade, you’ll need to lightly sand it and use paint primer before you get going. Neutral colours are good for keeping a cohesive design theme across your home and keeping things light and natural, or you could even paint each spindle a different colour if you’re looking to bring a bright vibrancy to your home. 

  1. Glass Panels

Installing glass panels instead of spindles is a nice way to update your home to incorporate a more modern design and they can add a lot of light to a space. Glass panels can lend a spacious look to a staircase and are great for contemporary open plan rooms, for example. One thing to note if you’re thinking about glass panelling, though, is that it will require more upkeep as the glass is easily dirtied with dust and smudges. 

  1. Pick A Whole New Spindle Design 

There are a number of spindle designs that you can install in your home that work for both metal and wood balustrades, and simply replacing these is a great way to freshen things up. Metal spindles, for example, can look great paired with an oak staircase for a traditional twist on the modern. The most common styles of spindle are:

  • Square spindles: A straightforward, blocky design that’s ideal if you want something simple to go alongside a bolder design elsewhere, like on your staircase wall. 
  • Square tapered spindles: Similar to the standard square spindles, these are square-shaped at the top and bottom but rounded in the middle.
  • Stop chamfered: These spindles are square the whole way through with a narrower section carved in the middle. 
  • Twist spindles: These are very decorative spindles that can come in either a single twist or a double twist option, adding a fabulous flourish to your balustrade.
  • Edwardian spindles: These classic spindles come with an ornate, rounded design that goes very well with traditional décor. 
  1. Match Your Spindles to Your Rods

If you have a stair carpet runner (which you really should if you want to protect such a high traffic area), a fantastic tip is to match your stair rod to your spindle for an effortlessly luxurious, put-together look. At Stair Rods Direct, we have a wide range of bespoke stair rods to choose from that can pair beautifully with any spindle, whether they’re metal or wood. You can even search through our range by finish, to really streamline the process of deciding what will go best with your spindle. Shop our full range of stair carpet rods.

  1. Install A Wall Mounted Handrail

Finally, if you have an enclosed staircase that doesn’t have any spindles, a wall-mounted handrail is a lovely edition for décor and practicality. This pairs well with a simple carpet runner, like our modern range of runners, to make a narrow staircase feel wider and like its design has been carefully considered. If you’re looking for more inspiration on how to decorate an enclosed staircase, check out our full guide here.

Find the Perfect Finish for Your Stairs With Stair Rods Direct

Fragment beautiful of a wooden staircase with figured carved curved balusters and railings and tinted mahogany, isolated on a white background.

Once you’ve been through these stair spindle ideas and have redecorated or redesigned them, why not work on the rest of your staircase and hallway? At Stair Rods Direct, we also stock expertly made stair rods and brackets and stair nosing that can match with your stair rods and spindles to create a truly flawless finish and give your staircase the makeover it deserves. 

If you’re searching for even more creative ideas, browse through the inspiration section of our website where you can find decoration tips and how-to guides galore. Or, speak to one of our friendly experts directly to discuss the best stair accessory options for you today.