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Small Staircase Ideas to Transform Your Home

modern small staircase with black-patterned stair runners

If you have a very narrow space for staircases – or a small home in general –  then your design options can feel just as narrow. At Stair Rods Direct, we think everyone deserves to have a stunning staircase that makes them proud of their home, no matter the size of it. Our professional team are experts in providing beautiful stair runners, stair carpets and stair rods that enhance any property.

We are also committed to offering expert advice and providing brilliant inspiration to help out anyone who wants to transform their property’s interior design. Here, we offer clever staircase ideas for small spaces and some general small staircase decorating ideas. A small space doesn’t have to mean small design ambition.

Clever Stair Designs for Tight Spaces

Stairs for small spaces are sometimes hard to get right. If you are able to customise the actual build of your staircase, then you have more scope for incorporating clever space-saving designs. Here are some staircase design ideas for small spaces:

Modern architecture interior with  luxury hallway with glossy wooden stairs in modern storey house. Custom built pullout cabinets on glides in slots under stairs

Get functional with stair storage

This could be anything from storage cupboards or shelves, a fold-out desk or even a playhouse for children. Building drawers or cupboards under your stairs allows you to hide items that could be cluttering your house, making this a great staircase idea for small houses.

Choose a spiral staircase

A spiral staircase is a great space-saving staircase option as it won’t take up as much floor space, and can provide a sophisticated-looking focal point when placed in the middle of the room.

Let there be light

A skylight can really do wonders for brightening up an enclosed staircase by allowing natural light to flood in, helping it feel airy and more spacious. If this isn’t an option for you, we have great lighting ideas in the decorating ideas section below.

Create openings

Removing the stair risers can make your staircase look less bulky and provide openings that offer up a peek into more open spaces, promoting a more expansive feel to what was a tight space staircase design.

Small Staircase Decorating Ideas

stairs with dark wood finish and white spindles

Fully renovating or designing a new build of stairs can be a costly and time-consuming business, so let us help you with these innovative decorating options for small or narrow staircases and save time and money:

Get an easy-to-install stair runner

The best small staircase decorating idea is, simply, stair runners. Running up the middle of your staircase with space on either side, runners help to make narrow staircases look wider than they are. Patterned or striped carpet runners in particular work well as they create lines that can draw the eye upwards. There are so many benefits to getting a stair runner:

  • Tight, narrow staircases are often very steep. Stair carpet runners can help make steep staircases safer to climb as they add grip (add our high quality underlay for maximum safety).
  • A range of widths are available and they are also easy to customise and cut, meaning however unique your staircase is, you can make a stair runner work for you.
  • Stains or markings on your stairs will stand out all the more when the staircase is smaller, so a stair carpet runner will help keep a cleaner look. They’re great for protecting against heavy foot traffic, helping to maintain that stair protection.
  • If you like the cosiness aspect of your small staircase and small home, plush carpet stair runners can really emphasise this vibe for you. 

At Stair Rods Direct, we offer a wide selection of beautiful stair runners. Finishing off a carpet runner with our stylish range of stair rods can really elevate the look.

Get creative with colour 

Colouring your floor darker than the walls and the staircase in your hallway is a nifty way to make sure the eye is attracted up towards the lighter space, creating a sense of spaciousness.

Contrasting two colours is another great idea. If your woodwork is dark then use a lighter colour on the walls to make this space in your house feel more airy. 

In a room painted white or lightly coloured, a staircase with dark timber can also act as a clever focal point. 

Smart lighting

Fully lighting up a small, enclosed staircase can really help with making a tight space feel more comfortable. 

Ceiling lighting in particular really brightens a dark staircase that’s flanked by walls and gives an illusion of spaciousness. But if headroom is an issue, installing lighting directly into the walls can give the same effect while using less of that precious space up. 

There’s a host of clever ways that lighting can help maximise your interior design. Read our staircase lighting ideas for even more inspiration.

Enhance Your Staircase With Stair Rods Direct

If you’re searching for more stair design for small houses ideas or some staircase options for small spaces in your home, browse through our website for all the ways we can supplement your staircase design and get inspired. From our wide range of beautifully designed products to our expert how-to guides, we’re sure to be able to provide what you’re looking for at Stair Rods Direct.