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8 Fantastic Staircase Wall Ideas to Transform Your Home

We talk a lot about staircase designs and home renovation in our blog, including how to paint stairs, choose the best colours, maximising space under the stairs and even staircase lighting designs. Knowing how to fully utilise and maximise your staircases’ design potential can completely transform your hallway and entranceway of your home. In this article, we’ll be looking at the best staircase wall ideas to further enhance the appearance of your property.

Staircase wall ideas

How Can I Transform My Staircase?

Everyone’s home is different and everyone will have different staircases. Whether your staircase is a standard straight staircase, L-shaped, U-shaped, spiral or something bespoke, there’s always a way to decorate your staircase wall. Even if you don’t have a grand staircase, there’s no reason you can’t maximise the space you have.

Shabby Chic Stairwell

This staircase wall art idea is simple and can be made with any framed photos or artwork in and around your home (you could even turn it into a gallery wall). How you choose to design this wall is up to you, but many staircase wall ideas cover the wall in photos, signs, frames, mirrors and other wall hangings for a messy but homely appearance. 

Plant-based Staircase Wall

As the name suggests, this idea is based on hanging plants along the wall, or building small subtle shelves to place them on. If you have a wide staircase, you can place the shelves lower or dot plants on the stairs themselves (to the side). However, narrower staircases may have to position the plants higher up to ensure you don’t bump into them on your way up!

Top tip: Plant wall hangings look great with white or wooden staircase and wooden railing designs. 

Design a Built-in Storage Unit

Similar to one of our under-stair designs, this staircase wall idea is great if you have a deep staircase wall or your staircase is designed in an L-shape with a landing section (or just a wider stair!) big enough for storage. This can either be built into the wall so it lies flush, or it can be poking out if your staircase is wide enough. 

Large Graphics Decorating Idea 

Another great and affordable staircase wall idea is to line the wall with a word or a saying. If you have a white wall, black graphics can really stand out and become a feature piece of your home. The graphic, sign or text you choose depends entirely on your own personal preference! You can also hang this yourself, but we’d recommend measuring the spacing of each letter if you’re hanging something like “HOME” on your wall to ensure it’s even. 

Decorate your Staircase Wall With Sconces

This art idea focuses on a unique lighting concept that not only brightens up your staircase but also looks great. Sconces are similar to large candles and can be mounted on your staircase wall in any sort of style and format. This staircase wall idea works well with both traditional and modern designs because sconces harbour both a timeless, historic uniqueness to them but can also complement white, modern walls and become a sort of feature piece for the hallway. Shop around for a sconce design that suits your 

Paint Your Staircase Wall & Make it a Feature Wall

If you’re looking to paint your stairs, the staircase wall or both, this can be a cost-effective and simple way to transform your staircase. How you choose to paint your staircase is up to you, you may choose to make the staircase wall a feature wall and have the stairs a different colour. For example, a duck egg blue feature wall matched with a white or cream staircase makes for a bright, inviting aesthetic. 

If you’ve already got your staircase feature wall design chosen but you’re looking to paint your stairs, take a look at our simple step-by-step guide. 

Fairy Lighting Medley

Fairy lights are one of the most popular and cost-effective lighting ideas for both indoor and outdoor design. They can look fantastic on staircase walls because of their versatility. For example, you could hang pictures and art on your staircase wall and then drape the fairy lights across and over the frames. You can also simply stick the fairy lights to the wall in an intricate pattern, or find a large feature piece (such as a large piece of art, or sculpture) and place the fairy lights around it to draw more attention to it.

Mirror Decorating Idea 

If you’re looking for something eye-catching and truly unique, you might consider lining your staircase wall with mirrors of different shapes and sizes. How much this cost depends on how much you plan to spend on the mirrors and of course the size of your wall. An added benefit of adding mirrors to your staircase wall is that it offers the illusion of a bigger space as the mirrors reflect light very well. 

Looking to Add Something Special to Your Stairs?

After you’ve successfully painted or decorated your staircase wall, why not go the extra mile and start working on your stairs? Whether you choose to paint them or install carpet runners and bars, Stair Rods Direct has you covered. We offer a wide variety of stunning stair runners as well as door bars for you to choose from. We’re sure to have a design that suits your interior design to help complete your home.