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Compression Ramps: The Next Big Thing in Door Thresholds?

It’s not too often that a product really causes a stir in the world of door thresholds, but in 2016, that’s about to change. The latest innovation is a quite brilliant new product called a compression ramp which has been patiented by Stairrods UK. What's so special about these ramps you ask? In the past, there’s never been an elegant stick-down way to join two rooms together if one had carpet and the other hard floor. Door thresholds simply didn’t have the tech to do the job – until now!

Let’s find out more about compression ramps and what they mean for modern interior design.

What are compression ramps exactly?

Let’s begin with a more thorough description of compression ramps and why they’re set to make such a big splash this year. Well, the most exciting aspect of the compression ramp design is that there’s finally a door threshold on the market which will allow the connection of hard floor to carpet between rooms. No matter the height difference between the rooms or whether the carpet is the higher or lower floor level. The compression ramps are designed to seamlessly conceal the connection point between the carpet and hard floor, without the need for any unsightly screws – just pure, clean design in a range of finishes.

The aesthetics of compression ramps

The benefits of compression ramps should be clear enough, simple and quick to install saving the installer time and money - but what about the aesthetics? Well, much like any of the other door thresholds you’ll find in our online shop, there’s a lot to choose from. In terms of finishes, you’ll discover compression ramps in antique brass, brushed chrome, pewter, satin nickel, and even jet black. Each one is masterfully constructed so a specific specification, and you’ll be able to choose the ramp height and even the slope dimensions too.

Where can you buy compression ramps?

You’ll find some of the UK’s very first stick-down compression ramps right here at Stair Rods Direct. The first online shop to be selling them. It’s never been easier to flawlessly link a room with carpet to a room with hard floors without any visual interruption. Because this type of threshold is so unique and an all-new innovation to the market, we expect compression ramps to sell fast. So be sure to take the time to explore the full range of compression ramps before deciding on the set that’ll be perfect for your home.

If you would like to see a video on how to fit them, then copy this URL into your browser

If you’d like to learn more about compression ramps, you can learn more now on the Stair Rods Direct website. Have a question about installation, fitting, or stock levels? Call the team today on 0845 838 8638 and we’ll be happy to help.