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Underlay: The Perfect Way to Stop Your Stair Runner Slipping

If you have a stair runner on your staircase, you’ll already know how great it can make your home look. Depending on how your stair runner is fixed to your staircase, you may also have noticed that your stair runner is slipping sometimes. This manifests as slight shifts in the stair runner as you walk up and down it. If this movement bothers you, you’re in luck, as there is a way to stop your stair runner slipping – and it’s called stair runner underlay.

How stair runner underlay works

There are actually two types of stair runner underlay available. The first of these is called Profilo stair runner underlay, and it’s specifically designed to stop stair runners slipping on smooth staircases such as wood. The second is called Top Fleece 2 stair runner underlay, and it is designed specifically for use on carpeted staircases. But why is stair runner underlay necessary in these scenarios? Well, the fact is that if there isn’t enough friction between two surfaces, they’ll simply slip against one another. What underlay does is to introduce a layer of friction-generating material between the two, elegantly solving the problem.

How to fit stair runner underlay

The beauty of stair runner underlay like Profilo and Top Fleece 2 is the fact that it can be added to any existing stair runner simply and easily. Installation is as simple as cutting the underlay to the right size for your stair runner, then simply placing it underneath. How do you find the size? Here at Stair Rods Direct, we actually offer an underlay size calculator when buying your underlay to answer that question for you. Stair runner underlay will start working immediately, and can even be lifted up at any time for vacuuming or handwashing. That’s what we call convenient!

Can you use stair runner underlay elsewhere?

Of course, underlay isn’t designed expressly for stair runners, and can in fact be used for various other floor-coverings too. Both Profilo and Top Fleece 2 are regarded as examples of universal underlay, meaning they can be used under rugs, mats, or any other floor covering which may be prone to slipping. Of course, if you have any questions about where or how stair runner underlay can be used in your home, our team is always happy to answer them by calling 0845 838 8638.

Want to know more about stair runner underlay? You can explore our full range of stair runner underlay now and begin the simple process of securing your stair runner.