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There Are Three Types of Stair Runner, But Which Is Right for You?

There are countless ways to make small changes to your home that add up to something big. And of all the under-the-radar home improvements you can make, stair runners are one of the most eye-catching – and the most affordable. If you've never explored what a stair runner can do for your staircase, consider this your introduction. There are three core types of stair runner, so let's take a look at each one.

Contemporary stair runners

If you've got a keen eye for the latest and greatest in interior décor, then our range of stylish contemporary stair runners is the best place to begin. Created with an eye for fine detail, contemporary stair runners take the very best of modern rug and carpet design and merge it with a classic stair runner shape. Narrow or wide, the versatility of the contemporary stair runner means you're sure to find one for your staircase. Expect clean lines, block colours, and durable materials that really stand the test of time.

Plain stair runners

Don’t let the name fool you: plain stair runners can be every bit as stylish and elegant as their more complex peers. There’s a lot to be said for keeping your interior design clean and simple, and a plain stair runner is a great way to do that. Available in a choice of widths to suit your staircase, plain stair runners tend to feature block colours with the occasional hint of intricate pattern-work. This design approach creates stair runners that are understated but at the same time impactful.

Traditional stair runners

The final piece to the stair runner puzzle is the essential traditional stair runner. Inspired by the rugs and carpets that originated in the Far East, you’ll notice subtle Persian influences in our range of traditional stair runners. Each one features a uniquely intricate design with motifs ranging from the floral to the more abstract, and back again. Traditional stair runners feature a colour palette that’s rich with reds, ochres, blues and lighter beige tones too. The designs are ornate whilst at the same time creating an elegant appeal for any staircase.

Are you ready to make a choice about which stair runner might suit your staircase? If you're still a little undecided, fear not. You can get some handy free advice from our team anytime by calling 0845 838 8638.