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4 Stylish and Elegant Stair Rod Designs for 2016

If you’re looking to improve the interior design of your home, stair rods are a great place to start. A simple yet effective addition, stair rods can bring a touch of style and elegance to any staircase – but which design is right for you? Well, to make the process a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of 4 stair rod designs that might just be perfect for your home in 2016. Ready to learn more?

Crystal Stair Rods

Our first recommendation is a design that’s sure to turn a few heads. Our range of Crystal Stair Rods are made using a fine-cut Austrian crystal alongside a hollow brass rod. The crystals are set against the bracket of the stair rod, producing a shimmering, shining, effect that catches the light all the way up the stairs. Crystal Stair Rods are ideal for use with either a carpet runner or fitted stair carpet, and are available in two different finishes.

Eastern Promise Stair Rods

If you’ve ever wanted to bring the rich cultural aesthetic of the Middle East into your home, our Eastern Promise Stair Rods are a great way to do that. Each one of these eye-catching stair rods takes its design inspiration from the architecture and antique design you might see in far-flung places like Marrakesh and Cairo. In addition to the intricate detail of the rod tips, you’re also able to choose from a range of metal finishes for our Eastern Promise Stair Rods, including pewter, polished brass, black, and more.

Tudor Stair Rods

Here’s a great example of a stair rod design that does things a little differently. Our range of Tudor Stair Rods are designed to offer both a natural look and complete durability. Made from hard-wearing wood, Tudor Stair Rods come complete with brass tips and brackets, bringing a sense of contrast between the two materials. If your home is a bastion of natural design, our range of Tudor Stair Rods are the perfect choice for you.

Blacksmith Stair Rods

There’s a lot to be said for keeping things simple, and the Blacksmith Stair Rods collection is an ideal example of that. Made from solid steel and shaped in a traditional blacksmith style, these stair rods don’t just look great, they also feature an authentic manufacturing process that few other rods can match. The matte black finish of the steel blends superbly with a wide range of stair runners, carpets, or hard surfaces – so find out more about our Blacksmith Stair Rods today.

Nothing here take your fancy? Not a problem. Explore our selection of stair rods right now and discover the perfect stair rods for your home.