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Stair Rod Accessories

The Essential Stair Rod Accessories for 2015 (And Beyond)

When it comes to the protection and upkeep of your carpet and stairs, you can never be too careful. While investing in a solid set of stair rods will ensure that your stairs and carpet stay firmly in place, there’s a whole range of accessories you may not know about. For that reason, the team at Stair Rods Direct has whipped up a list of essential stair rod accessories that are perfect for your home.


Anyone familiar with stair rods knows that they’re a great way to add some visual interest to a staircase. But have you ever considered the corners of your skirting boards? Probably not – but there’s actually a product that can add a touch of class to any corner: skiffers. Made from quality brass castings, skiffers are installed on the skirting board where walls meet, and provide protection against those little bumps that we all have now and again. Whether you’re moving a sofa or simply doing your weekly vacuuming, accidents can happen. Skiffers are a great-looking way to protect your skirting board. Find out more about skiffers.


Door thresholds

It may be something that most people don’t notice, but the point at which floor coverings between rooms meet can be a bit of an eyesore. This is especially the case when different floor coverings are used; for example, carpet and wood. The solution for a seamless transition between rooms is a door threshold. Available in a range of premium materials, these stylish accessories are a small detail that can make a big difference to the look of your home. Want to learn more about door thresholds? Check out our full range now.

Carpet studs

If you’ve ever had to have a carpet go around a corner of any size, you’ll know how tricky it can be. This issue often makes itself known around the top and bottom of staircases – but there is a solution. Carpet studs are a great way to secure your carpet as it manoeuvres around a small corner, without having to add any unsightly fixings like metal strips. Carpet studs are made from premium metals including brass, nickel, and pewter, and they’re simply a fantastic way to elegantly solve a simple problem. You can buy carpet studs from our online stair rods shop.

 How many of these stair rod accessories did you already know about? Hopefully you discovered something new. Feel free to browse Stair Rods Direct now to find even more great value products.