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Matte Metal Finishes: The Next Big Thing in Stair Rods?

One of the best things about modern stair rods is the sheer breadth of colour, design, and style choices. From different metals to innovative surface finishes, the quality of stair rods has really never been higher. Today we’d like to focus on one particular type of stair rod finish which is making waves with consumers just now: matte metal stair rods. Let's take some time to explore the various options as well as the benefits of this particular design.  

 The benefits of matte metal stair rods 

When it comes to interior design, we all have different tastes. It’s one of the things that makes it so much fun – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t guidelines you can follow. For example, we all know that certain colours play better with some than others. The same can be said for stair rods too. Depending on either the surface of your staircase, or the pattern of your stair runner, matte metal stair rods might be the best choice. If you’re looking for a style that’s both stylish and understated, you may not want anything that steals focus – like a chrome or black finish. Matte metal stair rods achieve this in a super-simple way. 

Matte metal stair rod choices 

Below we’ll highlight three of the most popular matte metal stair rod choices of today: 

  • Brushed chrome matte metal stair rods feature an eye-catching light-silver colour with a non-reflective finish. This style is perfect for both modern and traditional design aesthetics. See all of our brushed chrome stair rods now.  

  • Satin nickel matte metal stair rods offer a subtle champagne colour which are ideal when set again lighter tones like yellow, ochre, and brown. Explore the full range of satin nickel stair rods. 

  • Satin brass matte metal stair rods feature a truly premium look with a rich golden effect. The ideal accompaniment to traditional patterns on carpets and stair runners, it’s clear why satin brass proves so popular. See all of our satin brass stair rods. 

The perfect pairing 

Don’t forget that as part of your choice for new matte metal stair rods, you’ll also need to choose some rod brackets. Available in a number of different designs, stair rod brackets are a great way to bring some visual flair to your staircase. Even better, stair rod brackets are available in the very same matte metal finishes that we outlined above – and many more besides.  

To discover our full range of matte metal stair rods, you can explore the Stair Rods Direct website now. Have a question about matte metal stair rods? You can reach our friendly team anytime on 0845 838 8638.