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Looking for New Stair Rods? Try These Four Fabulous Finials

When it comes to buying new stair rods, there are three things to look for: rod style, finish, and finial. It’s the latter that we’ll be covering in detail in today’s blog posts. In a nutshell, the finial is the tip of each end of your stair rod. But just because finials are discreet doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish – far from it! With that in mind, here are four fabulous finials you may want to try with your new stair rods.  


Created with a finish that matches your chosen stair rod style, the arrow finial is both sleek and stylish. Machine-finished and tapered to a point, the arrow finial can bring a touch of real contemporary chic to any staircase. The arrow finial also features concentric grooves to create visual character within this timeless design classic.


Featuring a drum-style design with a flat end, yet offering rounded edges for a softer look, the piston finial is a great choice for any stair rod style. It features parallel grooves on both sides of the finial body, and can be added to any stair rod in practically any finish. With an industrial sensibility, the piston finial is a great way to really make your stair rods stand out.


You can’t go wrong with design classics like the sphere – and that’s where the sphere finial draws its inspiration. Once again available in a range of finishes to sit alongside any stair rod style, the sphere finial will blend seamlessly with almost any interior décor aesthetic. Concentric grooves surround the sphere finial to create a sense of flair and premium style that only stair rods with finials can create.


Drawing its inspiration from the ballad-writers of the past, the balladeer finial is truly something special. Featuring a design that’s reminiscent of traditional designs found on bannisters and staircases, it makes perfect sense for the balladeer finial to work with any stair rod style. As with our other finials, the balladeer finial is available to match any finish – but works particularly well with any of our polished finishes. 

These are just four of our favourite stair rod finials, but there are plenty more for you to explore. Check out our full range of stair rods now to see what else is on offer. Just pick a specific set of rods, then scroll down to view your finial choices. Have a question? Call the team today on 0845 838 8638.