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Measuring stair rods

We are often asked about measuring for your stair rods and we are very happy to take these calls because we would rather get it right together than you order the wrong size.

So, a simple rule of thumb for runner rods, is to measure the width of your stair runner and then just add 10cm. This extra allows for the brackets and the finial plus a small piece of rod on the other side of the bracket. Now this is what we recommend but we obviously haven’t seen your stairs. So, things to think about; Do I have more than 7.5cm on either side of the runner before the side of the stairs? Or is there lots of room on either side, often when the stairs are very wide? In this case you may want the rod slightly longer to fill that extra space.

Now this rule of thumb is for a standard 12mm diameter stair rod. If you are ordering a 16mm or even an 19mm rod we would recommend 12.5cm and 15cm respectively.

Also, a common question is “do I have a carpet rod to the bottom step?” Well it is very much a personal choice and it is about 50/50 with conversations with customers as to whether they do or not. What we have found though is it depends on the surface at the bottom of the step, for example if it is wood or whether it has been finished well, ie no gap to the stairs. In these instances, we find people like to have a bar at the bottom to hide a join, or help the transition from runner to wood.

Stair Rods direct also offers a value range where you will make the cut onsite. we sell this is a standard width, but do have choices to make. so, for example the Homepide stair rod for runners up to 70cm means the width of your runner needs to be 70cm or less to use this rod. 71cm and you need to use the longer length. Don’t try and sneak it in, it won’t work. We offer these rods now all the way to 150cm and can offer in a runner rod, fitted carpet or even a side fix.

If you are measuring for a side fix carpet rod you need to measure the width of your stairs. Please make sure you do more than one, as you will be surprised how they differ up a stair case. Then just take half a cm off that measurement and order the rods.

For a fitted carpet, you may be wondering how to measure for these. Well, like the side fix measure the entire step, again make sure you do more than one, then we would suggest you minus 5cm from this measurement. This would leave a 2.5cm gap on either side.

Our ideas are only ideas and each stair case are different, a great way understand what size would be best for you is to use a piece of rope of a small tube and lay it on the stairs at different lengths and see which works best for you.