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Crystal Stair Rods: A New Way to Make Your Staircase Stand Out

If there’s one aspect of your interior design that often gets sorely overlooked, it’s the staircase. Almost all of us have one, and yet it’s often viewed as simply a practical necessity rather than something to be proud of. Well, here at Stair Rods Direct, we take a different view. There’s no reason that you shouldn’t take pride in your staircase and make it stand out. One of the best ways to do that is with a set of premium crystal stair rods.

What are crystal stair rods exactly? We’re glad you asked!

Crystal stair rods 101

As you may already know, there are three distinct parts to any stair rod: the finish, the finial, and the rod style. In the case of crystal stair rods, it’s the finial that makes the difference. This is the part of the rod on each end which forms a type of tip or cap; lots of variants exist, but the one we’re interested in is a pure three-dimensional crystal. Sitting on each side of your stair rods, these crystals catch the light beautifully. And even better, there are multiple crystal colours to choose from, including amber, rainbow, rose, and sky.

The two types of crystal stair rods

Now that you’re fully up-to-date on what crystal stair rods are, there’s one other piece of info you should know. Crystal stair rods are available in two different forms, and the one you choose will depend on your staircase. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Front-fix crystal stair rods are designed for use with staircases that have carpet all the way across each stair. In this case, the bracket of the crystal stair rod will need to be fitted against the carpet itself.
  • Carpet runner crystal stair rods are the ideal option if you use a carpet runner on your staircase. In this case, the rod bracket will be fitted directly to the stair surface next to the edge of the carpet runner.

Now you know which types of crystal stair rods are available, let’s take a look at the size and dimensions on offer.

Personalising your crystal stair rods

All of the crystal stair rods we offer here at Stair Rods Direct are made from a long-lasting hollow brass with a 12mm (half-inch) diameter. Naturally, the length of the crystal stair rods you choose will depend on your particular stair case, however you’re able to order crystal stair rods of up to 244cm (8 feet) in length. In addition, you can choose the finish of the rods and (as mentioned above) the precise colour of the crystal finial.

Are you feeling inspired to explore how a set of crystal stair rods might benefit your interior décor? Explore our full range of crystal stair rods today, or call our friendly team now on 0845 838 8638.