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Easyshims: A Brand New Solution to an Age-Old Problem

When it comes to home renovation, there's one thing that can cause a whole load of trouble if done badly – and that's flooring. Whether you're going for hardwood flooring or carpets throughout, it's essential that the flooring be at the same height level, especially where rooms meet. In today's blog post, we’ll be exploring a nifty product called Easyshims, which offer a simple and elegant solution to this age-old home improvement problem.

Why is flooring height an issue?

At first you may be wondering how much of a problem uneven flooring surfaces can really be. Well, of course this depends on your particular circumstances, but generally speaking, uneven flooring can lead to a number of issues. First and foremost, they can be a trip hazard. Consider two adjacent rooms: one with hardwood flooring, and the other with carpeting. If these two don't match in height at the doorway where they meet, there'll be a small ledge jutting up from room to room. This can cause trips or falls, but can be an even bigger problem for wheelchair users, who may not even be able to get through. In addition to this clear issue, there's also the aesthetic considerations.

How Easyshims solve the problem

Like any successful product, Easyshim provides a simple solution to the problem. Essentially, Easyshim is inserted below the lower floor covering to provide a gentle ramp upward to meet the higher flooring. The ramping available goes all the way up to 20mm, meaning that even large gaps can be bridged elegantly and efficiently by Easyshims. Once installed below the carpet or hard flooring, Easyshims will create a smooth, seamless transition between rooms so that there’s no differential whatsoever in the height. This helps create a safer, more consistent flooring in your home, and also makes it more wheelchair accessible – so it’s a win-win!

Buy Easyshims from Stair Rods Direct today

If you’d like to experience the convenience and improved aesthetics that only Easyshims can bring in your own home, you’ll find them right here at Stair Rods Direct. Each pack comes with two Easyshims, meaning you’ll be able to improve the joins at two doorways in your home. To choose the right Easyshim option for you, we’d recommend subtracting 12mm from the height of the hard flooring. We’d also recommend leaving a 6mm gap between the carpet Easyshim and the hard surface for the best possible results.

Feel free to learn more about Easyshims now via the links above. Have a question about the product or how it’s fitted in your home? Call us for answers now on 0845 838 8638.