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How to Create a Fusion of Traditional and Modern Design with a Carpet Runner

Is it really possible to break design convention and fuse two disparate visual concepts? Well, logically the answer is no – but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Conventionally, modern design and traditional design are entirely separate entities and shouldn’t go together. However, with the right choice of elements, you can make it work. Here’s how to use a carpet runner to fuse traditional and modern design in a way that looks fantastic.

The role of carpet runners in interior design

Whether you call it a carpet runner or hallway runner, there’s no denying the benefits these items can bring to a corridor. Where once the space may feel a little bare or lifeless, a carpet runner can bring a dash of colour and style. Likewise, carpet runners are a fantastic way to unify an interior design motif. Here at Rugs Direct, we offer a huge selection of patterns and designs for carpet runners, but today we’d like to focus specifically on traditional carpet runners.

Traditional vs. modern carpet runners

If your home is already a shrine to clean, contemporary, modern design, there’s a good chance you don’t have too much in the way of traditional design work. Traditional carpet runners take their cues from the carpets and rugs of the same name, and tend to feature deep, rich colour palettes and motifs that range from the floral to the geometric. So how can you tie the ornate and intricate designs that feature in traditional carpet runners with the contemporary design in the rest of the home?

How to fuse the two design philosophies

In any room, no matter the style, there’ll tend to be a focal point. In many living rooms, this is an area rug or even a large sofa or other furniture. In the case of a hallway, especially one that features modern design, focal points can sometimes fall by the wayside. If you have smooth flooring, for example, it’s easy to have all detail and intricacy vanish without the right focal point – and that’s where traditional carpet runners come in handy. Provided you choose a complementary base shade that plays well with the wall coverings and other elements, the traditional design’s contrast will actually serve to bring the room to life and provide an unforgettable focal point. That’s what we call design fusion!

Want to explore more traditional carpet runners to help create your cutting-edge interior décor at home? Explore our full range of carpet runners on the Rugs Direct site now, or call the team anytime on 0845 838 8638.