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How To Measure Stair Rods

All of our stair rods are made to measure to ensure that you get the perfect fit. The length of rod you order will depend on your choice of stair runner or fitted carpet and the type of bracket fixing (runner, front or side) you prefer.

You should specify the length of stair rod you require from tip to tip, including the finial. Don't worry about the length of the rod itself or the length of the finial, we'll make these calculations to ensure that we deliver the exact overall length you order for each stair rod.

Remember, not all of your stairs may be the same width. Even on straight stairs, a newel post or other obstruction may affect the space available between the edge of your runner and the skirting board or spindles, in which case you may need to order a shorter rod for one or more of your stairs.

And, if you have winding stairs, or ones with a half landing, rather than straight stairs, you will need to order different length rods separately to fit each individual stair on the turn.

Some of our rods come in 3 different diameters and the table below offers a guide to the calculations you should use to arrive at the correct length to order.

Measurements for Rods with Runners

Rod Diameter Order width of runner plus
10mm (⅜") 75mm (3") to allow 37.5mm (1 ½") each side
12.5 mm (½") 100mm (4") to allow 50mm (2") each side
16 mm (⅝") 125mm (5") to allow 62.5mm (2 ½") each side
19 mm (¾") 150mm (6") to allow 75mm (3") each side

Measurements for Rods with Fitted Carpets

Rod Diameter Front-Fix Brackets
Order width of Stair* less
Side-Fix Brackets
Order width of Stair* less
For all rod diameters 100mm (4") to allow a 50mm (2") gap from the tip of the finial to the skirting board or spindle on each side. 12.5mm (½") to allow 6.25mm (¼") each side, for easy fitting.(NB side-fix brackets do not require finials.)

* Please measure from skirting board to skirting board (or spindle).

To provide a neat and professional finish, we recommend fitting a stair rod at the very bottom of the stairs, so please don't forget to include this rod in your order.