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Our Top 5 Best Stair Flooring Ideas for Any Home

When it comes to choosing your floor for your stairs, there are several factors to consider. However, arguably the most important considerations are durability and practicality, as stairways are most likely to experience the most traffic in your home.

From sturdy laminate to high performing real wood, read on for our expert guide on which floor is best for your stairs.

Carpet and Carpet Runners

Arguably one of the most popular stair flooring ideas, carpeted floors are ideal for both commercial and residential spaces for many reasons. Carpet comes in many different colours and designs, so it lends itself well to most spaces because of the design flexibility. It’s also one of the safest stair flooring ideas in the event of a slip or fall accident.

However, while carpets do come with the above benefits, they are more prone to wear-and-tear problems and can be difficult to clean. If you are carpeting stairs, be mindful that your stairs will see a lot of heavy foot traffic, so pick a design and material that can withstand such traffic. We’d recommend opting for a dense, low-pile carpet, such as wool. If this is something you’re looking for, we offer a variety of stunning carpet runners in a range of colours, styles and weaves.

Alternatively, you could opt for a carpet runner from Stair Rods Direct; they are easier to clean and offer a modern aesthetic to all types of stair flooring. We’d also recommend pairing your carpet runner with stair rods for a stylish finish. We offer stair rods in a variety of styles and designs, from polished brass to woods, we have something for every staircase. Carpet runners can also be used on stair landings if this is something you’re looking for; take a look at some carpet ideas in our online store today.

  • Top tip: if you or someone else at home or work is susceptible to allergens, such as dust or fur, carpeted stairs might not be appropriate for their health. Wool is a strong option to consider if you or others suffer from dust or fur allergies.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a strong solution for people looking for an affordable stair flooring idea that doesn’t cost the world. Laminate flooring can be designed to look like a range of materials, namely wood and at a fraction of the price, it’s a very favourable alternative to wood. It’s able to do this via 3D printing technology, as it’s able to print a variety of patterns and styles, including wood, metal, tiled and ceramic designs. 

You may also find it beneficial to include stair nosing on your laminate flooring. This is especially popular in commercial properties to help with stability and therefore safety when walking up and down stairs. Stair nosing offers a sturdy, grooved support for extra traction; ideal for both indoor and outdoor staircases.

Another benefit to laminate stair flooring ideas is that it’s easier to maintain than other flooring options, ideal for home renovation on a budget. Bear in mind that despite the many benefits that come with laminate flooring, it can be difficult to install on stairs. This is because the width of most UK stair treads is 11 inches, but laminate floor planks typically come in at just over 7 inches. So, you will need to join two laminate stair flooring planks together to safely cover the entire tread. This can be quite difficult if you’re not an experienced carpenter or stair landing and floor installer. 

Bamboo Flooring for Stairs

Bamboo is now one of the most sought-after materials because of its sustainability, price and aesthetics. Alongside this, bamboo is a strong option for stair flooring ideas because of its durability and versatility. It can be bought in a wide range of colours , ideal for almost any interior design and flooring choices you’re considering. Cleaning is almost made easy, because like other hard stair and landing materials, you will only require a mop or even a soft cloth to clean and remove dust and dirt. 

Stone Flooring Ideas

An all-time classic when it comes to any interior or exterior stair flooring ideas. Stone is known for its durability and aesthetics. A timeless design that does cost more than other modern options, but is worth every penny. Some of the most popular stone-based stair flooring ideas include:

  • Granite
  • Limestone
  • Marble

Stone flooring is the most durable out of all our stair flooring ideas and can be used for both indoor and outdoor stairs. Stone is now readily available in a range of colours and textures, whether you’re looking for a consistent design or combining different textures and colours to create something unique. As with most stone stair landings and floorings, they will need to be sealed around every two years to retain their durability and appearance. 

Top tip: be sure to use a runner to ensure the safety of those using the stairs. Runners help to avoid slip accidents.

Cork Staircase and Landing

Arguably the most cost-effective and versatile stair flooring idea, cork can be used for the risers and the treads, cutting down cost, material and even labour times. One of the biggest and unknown benefits is that cork has microbial properties that help to resist mould and mildew, meaning cork is a fairly low-maintenance stair landing and flooring idea. 

Cork shares some similarities with carpet, being soft to the touch and designed in many different ways. Cork can be finished to resemble a variety of colours and styles, ideal for merging with your existing interior design scheme.

Are you Looking to Enhance Your Staircase?

We’re always discussing the best ways to enhance the staircase in your home or commercial space. Whether it’s how to paint stairs to ensure a long-lasting and vibrant finish for your home, or how to customise your staircase or gallery walls if it’s looking a little bare. As providers of a range of stair rods, brackets, bars, carpet runners and more, we know what looks good on stairs. For all staircase decorating and hallway flooring ideas, take a look at our blog. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking to put the icing on the cake to complete your staircase design, take a look at our high-quality stock today.