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Flexible Stair Nosing for Enhanced Safety and Aesthetics

Stair nosings

If you’re looking for a resilient flooring option for your staircase, stair nosing is the way to go. Attaching to the lips of your step edges, stair nosing is essential for the safety of your stairs and for the upkeep of their appearance. Flexible stair nosing itself comes with a range of benefits to enhance the safety and aesthetic of a curved staircase, whatever its size or style. 

Below we explain exactly what stair nosing is, how it’s different to flexible stair nosing and our range of quality stair nosing products.

You can also browse our impressive stock of premier stair nosing products to find the perfect one for your staircase today. Any order over £75 gets free UK delivery.

What is Stair Nosing?

Stair nosing is a covering strip for the edge of the stair tread, the most frequently stepped upon part of your stairs. This part of the stair is prone to wear, which makes it dangerously slippery as well as worn-down and unattractive. Installing quality stair nosing helps with grip to ensure maximum safety when using the staircase as well as enhancing the aesthetic of the stair and protecting it from scratches and scuffing. 

What is Flexible Stair Nosing?

Flexible stair nosing is a resilient stair nosing that can bend to fit curved bullnose or curtail steps. It is great for a range of hard flooring types, like vinyl tile and laminate floor coverings. Flexible stair nosing can come in a variety of materials, like flexible PVC stair nosing, to suit a variety of stair types. 

What Are the Benefits of Flexible Stair Nosing?

Flexible stair nosing can offer a range of fantastic benefits, particularly for non-domestic staircases. These include:

  • Enhanced safety: Safety flooring and staircase safety are vital in the workplace and in commercial and retail properties. Flexible stair nosing is particularly effective for grip due to the small gap present between the nosing and step which compresses each time someone walks on it. This compression expands the surface area allowing for increased foot grip and a slip-resistant stair solution. 
  • Versatility: Flexible stair nosing can be bent to fit curved staircases, meaning it’s versatile and able to fit a host of different stair styles. The stair nosing we sell can be easily cut to fit any length, so is an ideal solution if you have steps of differing sizes and lengths.
  • Attractive aesthetic: When your stairs are getting heavy foot traffic, or even long term light traffic, the stair edgings can get worn. This results in a shabby and unfinished look for your staircase. With our beautifully made collection of stair nosing products, you can avoid this for an aesthetically pleasing finish to your stairs that keeps them looking fresh. Our curved nose design gives a soft look that yields a positive visual impression. 
  • Value for money: All of our products are designed to stand the test of time. With the superior longevity of our products paired with the high performing practical function, flexible stair nosing from Stair Rods Direct is a cost-effective investment. You’ll find the upkeep of your staircase is reduced and that it will stay looking good for longer, meaning you spend less money in the long term. 

What Are My Flexible Stair Nosing Options?

Flexible stair nosing

Flexible PVC stair nosing is not your only option. We stock flexible stair nosing in different materials, including chrome, black, pewter and nickel. Our finishes are versatile and modern and can look stunning with monochrome or neutral flooring. 

Our bendy bullnose range is at the forefront of staircase design. Designed for stairs that have already been fitted with luxury vinyl tiles, this nosing can be easily cut and trimmed on site and is simple to install. The product comes pre-drilled and with SPAX-M self-drilling screws, eliminating the need for time-consuming drilling. We even have a handy how-to video guide to fitting Bendy Bull stair nosing.

Complete Your Hallway With Our Quality Stair Accessories

Whether you’re looking for flexible stair nosing or another kind of edging stair nosing, we have the products for you. All of our products are carefully crafted to superb finishes, ensuring the highest quality stair nosing for maximum safety you can rely on that looks beautiful, too. 

We don’t just stock stair nosing and premier lips, we have a whole range of stair accessories. If you’re overhauling your staircase or hallway, have a look at our door thresholds to create a pleasingly cohesive interior design look. We also have some gorgeous stair rods and carpet runners that really provide the special finishing touches that make all the difference.

Don’t forget, when you spend £75 you get free UK delivery.

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