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Stair nosing

Stair nosing is essential for anyone who wants to protect their stairs from scuffs, scratches and everyday wear and tear. Not only does stair nosing have a range of safety and practicality benefits but it can also be just the special touch you need to finish off your stair design.

If you’re looking to buy stair nosing online, look no further than one of the UK’s leading online providers of all things stair accessories. We stock beautifully made products suited to a range of floor types and interior decor styles, with a wide variety of finishes available, too. 

Browse our wide range of high-quality stair nosing and premier lips to find the perfect addition for your staircase, or keep reading to learn more about stair nosing and how your staircase can benefit from it.

What is Stair Nosing?

Stair nosing is just one of many parts of a staircase. Stair nosing is a strip of material that is attached to the lips of each step edge within a staircase. It can protrude out or fit seamlessly. This part of the stair gets the most foot traffic and can therefore be worn down, resulting in a slippery surface and a shabby look. Stair nosing helps to guard against this.

Stair nosing can be many different materials depending on the material the stair to which it’s attaching is. 

Stair nosing is typically made of one of the following:

  • Metal 
  • Solid wood 
  • Laminate 
  • Rubber 
  • Vinyl
  • PVC

What Are the Benefits of Stair Nosing?

There are many attractive benefits to purchasing and installing stair nosing for your staircase, whether it’s a workplace staircase, commercial staircase, or domestic.

These include:

  • Increased stair safety:
    In any property, workplace or not, ensuring safety on the stairs is vital. Installing stair nosing allows for increased grip while stepping on a stair, reducing risk of slips and trips. Different materials will have better anti-slip benefits to guard against tripping hazards. Not only this, but stair nosing that protrudes can also be a great safety addition to a staircase as it’s more obvious and signals where a person needs to step. 
  • Versatility:
    Stair nosing is simple to install and can be cut to size easily, so you can fit your nosing to any stair – even if you have multiple stairs that differ in length. Curved staircases are no problem with the existence of flexible stair nosing
  • Aesthetic enhancing:
    If you get heavy foot traffic on your staircase, it will be very prone to wear and tear. Constant stepping means worn stair edges as well as unattractive scratches and scuffs. With stair nosing, you minimise this risk and add an appealing finish to your stairs that shows professional design consideration. Create a positive visual impression on your stairs for longer with our superb products.
  • Cost-effective
    We craft each of our products with long term use in mind. When you purchase from Stair Rods Direct, you get stair accessories that stand the test of time. Upkeep of stairs is minimised with quality stair nosing, making it an extremely canny investment in the long run.

What Options Do You Offer For Buying Stair Nosing Online?

We are proud of our wide range of stair nosing products. Our most popular are:

Flexible Stair Nosing

Flexible Stair nosings

Our Bendy Bull stair nosing is designed for stairs that come already fitted with LVT. An innovative stair accessory, this stair nosing product can fit any kind of stair easily and even comes pre-drilled and with SPAX-M self-drilling screws included. Not only this, but our how-to video guide to fitting Bendy Bull stair nosing shows what a simple process it is.

Ali Wrap Nosing

Ali Wrap Nosing

The Ali Wrap nosing is available in a number of finishes, including brass, chrome and black, suitable for many different stair and flooring types. It can fit to existing bullnose (overhang) tread seamlessly, without jutting out of the riser. 

No Bull Nosing

No bull Nosing

A stylish way to secure vinyl flooring to a staircase, our LVT No Bull stair nose is available in an assortment of finishes. The nosing has no curving bull and so can lie flat against the step for a very streamlined look.

Your One-Stop Shop For Stair Nosing Online

When you need stair nosing, whether it’s to maximise the safety of your workplace staircase or to attach attractive LVT to your stairs at home, look no further than Stair Rods Direct. We offer quality products and fast delivery, allowing you to get the ideal staircase look and function in no time at all. And don’t forget, if your purchase is over £75, we will provide UK delivery completely free of charge.

Browse our superb stair nosing and premier lips.